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  Hannah House Newsletter - July

Hannah House would like to thank all reading this.   You have blessed us with your prayers and for that we are truly thankful.  New things have begun this July and we are so happy to keep you updated.

PRAYER GROUPS... We have many inmates who are in a Prayer Group inside that prays for those around them and also our Cities.  We receive Prayer requests from inside and post to many sites asking for prayer.  If you have a prayer request please send us a message @

BIBLE TEACHING ONLINE...  For many years people have asked if we had a Bible School that was available as they wanted to learn.  When I was at Bible School online I learned under Dr. Lester Sumrall and so many others.  Doing a study myself on his videos I thought it would be great to share them with you.  You will find the links at the top of the page or at our Welcome Page which is linked to BTO Page.

HANNAH'S OILS.... For the past 4 years we have been working on some good oils, healing from the Bible, oils that can help with arthritis and so many other conditions that cause pain, anxiety, sleep etc.  We also have a line of Animal and House Sprays.   Also, Perfume Oils are available too.  The page is under construction and will be ready soon for viewing with all the different types of products and prices.

BOOKS..... For many years books have been written and are given FREE to those who ask, and are online here as an Ebook to read and download for FREE.  This is a fairly new Website so the page is under a little construction as more are added.   Books are also sold on

HANNAH HOUSE VIDEOS.... On Youtube we have many videos of short stories, preaching, events...

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