Leo Paul Carmona's Page
Michigan Department of Corrections

I am in my late 30's, and have been incarcerated since the age of 21, in some form of fashion. I have been well aquainted with struggle my whole life, I know what it is like to be in need of help, whether it be little or alot. So I know that side of the coin exceptionally well.  However, I also know just know how truly wonderful it feels, to GIVE that help to someone else. Even if it is a stranger.  Perhaps ESPECIALLY when it's a stranger.  It is a time when the old adage of "it being far better to give than to receive."  rings particularly true for me.
As I am sure some people do, I carry an incredible amount of regret, shame, and remorse for some of the things and events that are in my past. I truly wish that I had made much better and more informed choices and decisions in my youth.  I wish that I could have better appreciated what I had, rather than seeking out what I really didn't need.
I have had a lot of time (17 years) to sit here and think, and I've been seriously touched and deeply affected at hearing the countless stories of suffering, desperation and pleas for help, that are often reported in the news media.  With that being the case, I began asking myself what I could possibly do to assist someone, even if it was in the smallest of ways.  I seriously and sincerely want to devote  and dedicate a part of my life, in doing what I can for others.  I want people to know that I care about their struggle.  So I am therefore extremely excited at the prospect of joining the TCBM (The Comfort Buddy Mission) Family and do my part to be a small catalyst for change.


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