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Founded in 2002

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Oil & Perfume Make the Heart Glad
Bringing Change to our World through the written Word ---- Healing Oils and Creams.

Hannah Skinner is

Founder of Hannah House & Prison Letters a Ministry to help those less fortunate, reaching Overseas with DVD's and teachings.

If you like to read true stories, her books will definitely keep your attention.  Follow her as she travels the world with stories of her own life and the lives of others.  She also has many teaching books regarding the Ministry and the Word of God.

Many have wanted to read her books but just couldn't purchase them, so it was decided that her books would be put on this Website under PDF file so all can read FREE.

Books are also available on Amazon at a low cost. 

Our main objective is to reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting world and we thank you for visiting today.

A line of Healing Oils, Sprays, & Creams, also Candles have been introduced this past year. ALL ingredients are natural 100% pure oils.

                                                              Check out our page, we are just updating items ..

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